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The Discrete Charm of Marxism

The Discrete Charm of Marxism stages Marxist texts on class struggle and revolution as a six course meal. The audience is invited to communally consume/read/discuss the food. The ‘food’ and entire dinner iconography… Continue reading


TRAFFIC OF DESIRE – notes on audio-ambiental cruising performance – Bojan Djordjev   Hunting for love can commence anywhere, at swimming pools, near the railway stations or parking lots. It is best to… Continue reading

Role exchange: Manuela and Bojan

Artist and fruit seller exchange their roles for a while. While artist folds crates at the end of the market working hours, fruit seller starts a conversation with the audience about the world… Continue reading

Letter to Heiner Müller at LaMama ETC, New York

A Letter to Heiner Müller nytheatre.com review reviewed by Martin Denton  ·  December 6, 2012 I don’t know about you, but I’m always ready to be pushed outside my comfort zone; that’s why… Continue reading


Siniša Ilić & Bojan Djordjev based on text by Ivana Sajko The text This is not us, this is just glass formalises the reverberations of economic crisis of capitalistic society in a sequence of public… Continue reading

What I have learned about capitalism

This lecture performance explores performative qualities of the process of learning and sharing knowledge. Through tracing fundamental contradictions of capitalism as production system, text explains current and all past and future economic crisis. The performance… Continue reading

Nikola Skočajić: Why and How a Performance is Cancelled

Goran Ferčec: A Letter to Heiner Müller, Director: Bojan Djordjev, Production: ZeKaeM, Premiere: October 9th, 2011. Goran Ferčec’s A Letter to Heiner Müller is an interesting text, because the line between the author’s… Continue reading

Body PIxel: The Dogs

by Ivana Podnar The Dogs was written by French author Herve Guibert, who referred to it as pornographic book, but under complicated S&M relations, there’s an unspoken text about power which is not… Continue reading

The Black Box

     tekst text VOX BOX by Jelena Novak za verziju na srpskom kliknite ovde Authors: Siniša Ilić & Bojan Djordjev Text: Goran Ferčec


 Jelena Novak The notion of “black box” is highly loaded with different meanings since it is closely tied to at least three different contexts: 1) airplane industry, where it stands for an especially… Continue reading