communal action at the Nadežda Petrović Art Gallery, Čačak, photo: V. Opsenica


Orientation in 100 revolutions investigates notion of re-materialisation as a tool to imagine the totality of the world and to comprehend its revolutionary potential. How to think totality, how to materialize it as a spatial fact in an art space? As a hypothesis, an oversized picture is placed in the art space, covering the floor or walls, demanding interactions with the people who share the space with it. Textual matrix, as another component of this work, collects and systematises a list of rebellions, uprisings, mass protests, riots or crowd discharges and migrations that happen in the past hundred years following the Russian revolution of 1917. This chronology traces an almost uninterrupted flow of different attempts, of social movements and physical movement of the people – up to nowadays. Their acceleration that will eventually lead to synchronicity and totality, might have already happened, but escaped us due to our lack of political orientation. The abstract forms on the oversized picture and chronology of revolutions combine a grid or a kind of map. Distant or recent historical events and picture are brought into relations through this performance environment and proposed as a political orientation tool.